The Absolute. The ranking of Value

Strangely enough, even though we live in a highly subjective reality, where our perceptions are altered first by our standing point within time-space, the nature of our senses, our own internal interpretation of those sense, and lastly by the semantic environment that attaches meaning to each perception, despite all that we can still think of relativity. We intuit it; "It depends". Our existence, as far as we can prove it, is within a four dimensional (at least) objective framework, a unique unmoving and unchanging background that allows for all the variations of our reality. This background is not necessarily "something", but rather a set of rules that create entities and dictate their interaction. We know for a fact how reliable the laws of our universe (the simplified versions which we discovered so far) are very reliable, and this forms only a primitive proof of the existence of an objective background. In fact, without it I imagine there would be only chaos, randomness.

This is only a glimpse into the nature of Absolute, which I define as a non-relational, non-shifting concept, towards which everything can be refrenced but cannot be referenced to anything. This of course, only a much abbreviated definition, but for clarity and simplicity, we don't need to elaborate further. If the existence of this Absolute is true, then it follows that everything is constructed upon it, meaning the Absolute has ultimate value, since it is the essence of all other things. If we take a deeply essentialist approach, we might say that the Absolute has ultimate value, and no other things have value, which is on its own not a very useful concept. However, once we start playing with degrees of scrutiny, the essentialist approach allows for a ranking of values.