The Beauty of Time

Originally version written on December 28th 2005

It feels like it was only yesterday...It seems that there is no escape from the passage of time...time heals all wounds, yet a wound needs time to be born. All things bad will, eventually turn into good...however, all good things come, with time, to an end. Time flows too fast...suddenly you stop seeing the one you'd love to see first in the morning, last at night...When will you see that smile again? No one knows...yet thinking about it brings uneasiness which resonates and amplifies, shaking and rendering you useless...Does time flow to our advantage? It was needed to bring us to this world, yet it pushes us constantly to an inevitable end...Because I exist in time; it brought me up and soon will erode me. We exist in time; it brought us together and someday will break us apart. We are only given instances; can we savour them, love the people with whom we share them ... do good with them, so that we can say we haven't been wasteful?