Why blog?

There is always something ephemeral about our thoughts. Our brains seem to work through a system of neural interconnections, and that system is highly vulnerable; drugs, alcohol and like substances alter the way our brain works by impairment, which only goes to show how deeply unreliable our thought process, and mind is. However, the mind is one great tool and has helped us overcome many obstacles, to achieve goals, good or bad, and for that reason, despite its inherent flaws, is worth cherishing.

I suppose a blog could be a sort of tribute to the history of a mental process, something to remind us of what we used to think at a certain point in time; also an introspective analytical tool, allowing us to rediscover ourselves after we forgot how we were, and create a sort of chain-understanding of our own ephemerality. This blog is about recording glimpses of a mental reality that I construct and destroy each day, a process starting when I revitalize after a dream until I succumb to the next, in other words, the result of my own self-awareness, consciousness and knowledge.

While it is implausible to record each thought that occurs throughout the day, it is possible to assign a rank of importance to each, even if it’s a relative ranking. By only focusing on those thoughts of higher importance, this record should become a collection of “wisdom nuggets”, an abbreviated summary of my own knowledge and reality. It is important to have a record of oneself, especially if this record is aimed at the composition of a complex chain of interrelated, internalised thoughts, for the purpose of later introspection, analysis and simplicity of retrieval. 

Secondly, using this format, I am exposing my inner thoughts to scrutiny by others, which has a few merits, most important of which is the evaluation of the structure, coherence and validity of those thoughts, and escaping the dangers of getting trapped in a rigid introverted vortex of circular thinking. 

Thirdly, if there are any merits to my thoughts, their exposure would at least be an attempt to diffuse those merits into the wider public; nothing is more eternal than a good idea, and if by any chance this mind of mine can come across one such idea, then its diffusion and embracement by the others secures its usefulness beyond the time boundary of my mind and, indeed, body. 

This is only a limited list of how I find a blog rather useful, and I have decided to mention these because I feel it is the upper most part on the importance ranking. Of course, it’s a personal belief. Please feel free to add your main arguments for the usefulness of a Blog.