Hegel's Circle

You self-reflecting pile of lifeless matter,
What you are, you do not know,
Who you are, you cannot decide,
Where you were, you don't remember...
or where you'll be, you cannot see,
Why you are, you just can't fathom...
even if you heard the words.
You speak of life and love and freedom,
Do you realize you are death throughout,
Frozen inconsequential action,
Despite unrelenting will,
Since where you willed it wasn't yours...
Not then, not now, nor ever,
As for the words you think you've heard...
your dead ear received only silence,
Like ashes unfold unto ashes deaf, in a circle,
Falsely imagining brief moments are substantial,
To life and the history of life,
Enough to differentiate truth from false...
with logic as if it's more than a sensation,
As if lifeless matter can feel or imagine.
You self-reflecting pile of lifeless matter,
You are neither, but a loop of delusion.